Unlock Your Creative Potential with the Bad Face Bots NFT Collection!

• Bad Face Bots is an NFT collection built on the Ethereum network and has 2500 owners since its release.
• The market capitalization of Bad Face Bots is 61.11 ETH, with 6,757 collections sold at an average price of 0.18 ETH.
• The floor price of Bad Face Bots is 0.025 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 0.22 ETH.

Overview of Bad Face Bots

Bad Face Bots is a non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 28 December, 2021. 5,555 items of the Bad Face Bots collection can now be viewed at OpenSea. Its total number of owners has reached 2500 within 442 days since its release, and its market capitalization is 61.11 ETH with 6,757 collections sales made at an average price of 0.18 ETH (~$297.02 at the time of writing). The floor price of Bad Face Bots is 0.025 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 0.22 ETH while payments are accepted in both ETH and WETH tokens for this NFT collection series .

Why Some NFTs are Expensive?

The value of NFTs can be determined by various factors such as how early it was created compared to other projects or how well it was designed by their creators or promoted by their community members which makes some NFTs more expensive than others because they had a first-mover advantage or have been given more attention from people due to their designs or stories behind them . Moreover, some NFT projects have been created purely out greed and exploitation without any real value behind them which results in these worthless garbage being less expensive than those that offer something unique or valuable to users .

Is The Bad Face Bot Collection Over/Underpriced?

It is difficult to determine whether NFTs from the Bad Face Bot collection are overpriced or underpriced as they are still relatively new in this blockchain ecosystem without much historical data available yet but making such assessment will become clearer when there’s more active involvement in the market for metaverses development .

Examples Of Bad Face Bot Collection

Here’s some examples from the Bad face bot collections: #1, #2 ,#3 ,#4 . Each offers something different either through design or story behind them but all come together as part of this big family called „Bad face bots“ .

Fees For Using The Service

When using bad face bots services buyers have no fees while sellers pay 750 basis points to dev team; buyers however don’t need to pay anything to Opensea while sellers pay zero basis points for using Opensea services too !